And we’re BACK…….logged! :(

Hey everyone, Sorry for the delay. We’ve had a few issues with the internet, here’s what’s up!

12 thoughts on “And we’re BACK…….logged! :(”

  1. Love this guys – we prayed for you big time yesterday at our Staff meeting and continue to think of you in prayer today and for the rest of the week. Really proud of you for being able to articulate the things that have struck you and the ways it has caused you to examine your own lives. I know from (lots) of experience that these things will never leave you! Say a big hello to everyone in Comfort Hall! We love you guys!

  2. So happy to hear some of the experiences you are having so far. Praying that God will give you more opportunities throughout this week to show and to receive God’s love.

  3. Hello to my Grandson Andrew, wishing him and the entire team, the best rewarding and spiritual experience during your time doing your mission work, I am proud, God is taking care of those, that take care of others.

    Barb Williams

  4. In case there is more than one Andrew,……..there is only one……..ANDREW HAYES as my grandson., blessings

  5. So happy to be able to see you all. Thanks for sharing what God is doing in you. You articulated it so well. Know that I am praying for you all several times a day! Can’t wait to hear all the stories on your return. Shout out to my girls! You you all! ❤️🙏🏻

  6. Thankful for safe arrival. Happy to see pics of Youth at work. Love to see your interaction with the kids and all the smiles.

  7. Shout out right back to you Andrew. Can’t wait to see videos of you guys interacting with the locals. May you continue to receive opportunities to Give and Receive God’s love through your interactions this week and beyond.

  8. You all are doing kingdom work down there!! Make no mistake, God is pleased with you and is using you in so many ways! I am praying that He will continue to pour out His Spirit upon you, and that He will show you clearly that just as you are so blessed in your lives (family, money, friends, home) that you also have at your disposal spiritual blessings and gifts that go so far beyond what you could ever ask for or even imagine!!!!

  9. Praying that the team will stay healthy and safe as they bless the people they work with and for in Jamaica Ethan Pierce’s Grandma

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