9 thoughts on “Man vs. Croc!”

  1. Great video! Hi Naomi! We are praying for you each day and loved hearing how God is uniting you all together. The beauty of Jamaica is incredible. Enjoy serving together and being Gods hands and feet.

    Love and prayers.

    Leanne Nash.

  2. Loving you guys! So proud of all the hard work you are pouring in…such God’s hands and feet!
    You are all awesome!!!
    Love you

  3. Hey guys! Loved the video! Emily Reid – thanks for the shout out! Looks like it’s been an amazing time so far – wishing we were with you and praying for you lots!

  4. Awesome work everybody! Emily, thanks for sharing. So glad you are all gelling so well. It’s a God thing for sure….because we’ve be praying for that!

  5. Hi guys,

    It looks like things are going well inTop Hill so far. I am so glad to hear that the team is gelling well together.

    May God bless you all and keep you safe!

    P.S. Hi Aidan! xxoo

  6. May God bless each of you . Enjoy your time away and keep safe.
    Love and prayers every day. 🙏🙏👍👍❤️❤️

  7. Kudos for an awesome job you guys are doing for the glory of God! We will continue to pray for everyone’s strength, safety & protection. Be blessed ❤️

  8. Hello to everyone! But especially to our Emily!
    So happy to see and hear of all the details how God is working! He is our amazing God and we are thankful!
    We are praying for you..the entire team!
    Dave and Janet Reid

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