Vlog #4

Our apologies for the lack of B/Vlogs over the last few days, here’s a list of our excuses
1. Terrible Internet
2. we’ve been tied up quite a bit.
3. We’re having way too much fun!

Here’s a fresh pressed blog before we head back tomorrow!

Here’s a song we learned and wanted to share…

4 thoughts on “Vlog #4”

  1. You guys are amazing……. God has put you in this place for a wonderful reason, to serve Him by loving and caring for others…… But as well to strengthen your relationships with each other. Excited to see you when you get home and hear more stories of God’s wonders and how they have changed and challenged you.
    Safe travels my friends, we welcome you home with open arms……..

  2. Great…fun song to close another great..fun week of impacting the lives of many! You are all blessed to be a blessing! Can you all sing that song as you come out of the terminal door tonight?

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